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Ben Miles
Thanks for popping by,
here’s a little bit about me. 

I believe life and work should be positive. That negativity sucks the life out of people, studios, culture, work and great ideas.

The greatest people I’ve ever worked with are open to discussion, encourage playfulness, share ideas, embrace failure, radiate positivity, collaborate and nurture radical thinking. These are the people that inspire me, and the people I’ve spent my life trying to surround myself with. Hopefully, some of this teaching is evident in my own approach.

I believe we should design for clients. It’s simple really, if we don’t create real, positive change for our clients then we haven’t really done our job properly – no matter how many awards we might win.

I have over 10 years experience and am currently one of the creative directors  at Interbrand Sydney. I work across a wide range of disciplines and have been lucky enough to work with some of the best studios, the biggest brands and some of the most talented creatives in the world.

I spent my formative years in London, then a brief spell in New York before settling down in sunny Sydney. In that time I’ve eaten way too much take away food, drunk far too much coffee and learnt some life long lessons; the most important being ‘to enjoy’ (because life’s too short). In my experience a studio that facilitates play, destroys hierarchy and welcomes innovative thinking is imperative to any successful creative process. Which is the kind of space I’ll always strive to create.

You can hear more ramblings here: @benmiles9

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Talks & Events

I can often be found giving my two cents at industry events as I’m a big believer in conversation — especially if it helps motivate and inspire change. And I’ve also made some great friends along the way. Here’s a snapshot:

AGDA ‘Shot Down’ 2012
Invited to talk about the learnings from failed projects.

Apple ‘Creative Journeys’ 2012
Guest speaker on the trials and tribulations of becoming a designer.

VIVID festival ‘Sneaky Minds’ 2013
Workshop on the power of ideas in collaboration with the City of Sydney.

Shillington College ‘Transformational power of brand’ 2013
Lecture and mentor.

UTS ‘Is the logo dead?‘ 2014
Discussion on the future of branding.

VIVID Festival ‘2020 — Adapt or Die’ 2014
Event organiser/speaker. Created in collaboration with Vivid festival we invited 20 design thinkers to forecast the next 5 years and predict the fundamental themes of the future.

UTS ‘Portfolio Reviews’ 2014
Coach and mentor.

Shillington College ‘Destroy your comfort zone’ 2014
Invited to discuss the importance of change and adaptability.

D&AD ‘Young Blood’  2015
Branding facilitator for Australia’s first D&AD Young Blood. 

AGDA Council

Since moving to Sydney in 2011 I’ve taken a keen interest in the creative landscape of NSW and beyond. The Australian Graphic Design Association seemed like the perfect place to start. Especially as 2011 was AGDA’s most challenging year to date; with disgruntled members, declining membership and accusations of lacking an inspiring voice. I decided to put myself forward and join the council — helping develop the calendar of events including international speakers, socials, portfolio reviews, design initiatives and design thinking. After a big year, AGDA regained it’s voice and with that the confidence and respect of the wider industry. Fast forward 4 years and I’ve been voted back onto the 2015 council again — so here’s to an even better year.