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Building a brighter future
ADC has been one of Australia’s leading arts and design institutions for the last 50 years. Yet 2015 saw them caught at a crossroads – were they an art gallery, creative think tank, or something else entirely? With a bold new brand, strategy and purpose, we helped ADC discover what’s most important to them.


Australia has come a long way in the last half a century. But some things – like a conservative attitude towards the value of creativity – haven’t come far enough. For ADC, this was unacceptable. How could people solve the problems of the future, with the tired thinking and solutions of the past?

ADC needed to revolutionise Australian education – to inspire the next generation of Aussies to think differently, and equip them with the design thinking skills needed to change the world. But for that to happen, their brand (and business) had to change, too.