AGDA NEW Edition


Building on our mission to provide AGDA NSW with a stronger voice, we created a fresh publication that focuses on what’s new in design, while celebrating creativity in NSW.

The theme of the first edition was “New Faces”, a concept we brought to life by asking many of the industry’s unsung heroes to share their opinions, work and ideas. From students to creative directors, one man bands to big studios, we curated the thoughts from within NSW’s creative industry. The edition’s unique format allowed us to house a poster that encouraged people to attend the edition launch with the headline “Show your face”. We commissioned illustrators He She It They I to create an eye-catching illustration that communicated the idea of “New Faces”. The illustration became a central theme at the launch party as we asked attendees to “face off” by putting pen to paper and drawing unique faces for a chance to win a year’s free AGDA membership.