National Rebrand

Our brief was to change the perception and feeling around AGDA. From an association perceived as behind, corporate and closed off. To one fully open to new technology, new opportunities, new ideas and of course – new members. As well as open to new disciplines – such as digital design, motion design, writing for design and branding.

AGDA is the ‘connecting force’ that unites our industry. It celebrates the things that make us different and the things that pull us together. The perfect balance, between unity, and diversity. The logo connects at either end, representing a chain-link of the industry coming together.

The idea was to keep the core brand elements ‘timeless’; to resist the urge to make the identity too ‘trendy’ or ‘cool’. That way, there is space for other designers to be more expressive around the logo and typography, but the core elements can remain for years to come. Therefore building long-term equity for AGDA.