Anthony and Johnny
Rumble Studios
Positive – tick. Happy – tick. Funny – absolutely. Tony and Johnny are the noise behind Rumble Studios. They’ve been making brands, ads and voices sound better forever — turning sounds into feelings and feelings into sounds. So it only seemed right to invite them to share their good vibes with us.

Describe your self in one word.
Tone: Driven (this was really hard…)
Johnny: Focused.

Tell us a bit about your day job?
Tone: I spend most of my days creating sound design for TV and radio spots. The collaboration with creatives and directors is fun, but the process of making new sounds is what gets me going. Toast, tea and laughs with the guys is the best bit of any morning.
Johnny: It’s the best one I could ever hope for. I compose music for a living. TVCs, short-form film and personal audio projects for listening and the dance floor. I absolutely love what I do. Our team at Rumble are incredible and I’m appreciative of an evolving-awesome-vibe in the office.

What’s your earliest memory?
A huge spider in the shower.
Johnny: My uncle’s smoking hot girlfriend, Julie. I was 5 years old. So many things clicked that day.

What type of Kid were you?
My mum described me as “a devil at home, and an angel outside”.
Johnny: A happy only-child who made friends with absolutely everyone. My mother, in a panic, would notice me missing for a few minutes only to find me having a full-blown conversation with the council workers ripping up the footpath outside our house. Five workers, paused, concentrating and nodding their heads to the detailed jibber jabber I was hurling at them. Mum says I was 4 years old.

What posters did you have on your walls?
I loved glam rock, Guns n Roses, Poison, Bon Jovi…my stepfather was horrified by all the men that looked like women.
Johnny: I’m going to do this in a quick arrow > sequence :: Jimi Hendrix > Led Zeppelin > Guns & Roses > Soundgarden > Faith No More & Mr Bungle > Jane’s Addiction > Ride > Then… Hundreds of Rave posters & flyers acquired over the proceeding years.

Did or do you get into trouble for daydreaming?
No, but it’s good for the soul. I think we spend so much time online that we don’t spend enough time with our thoughts.
Johnny: Dreaming is good. It’s nice to do it during the day, occasionally.

Did you have a hero growing up?
Strangely, no.
Johnny: Grizzly Adams. He was f**king cool. Lived in the wilderness. A kind person fighting the good fight and, of course, had a pet bear called Ben.

How do you relax?
Meditation and swimming in the ocean.
Johnny: Pick up any instrument I enjoy playing. That’s what centres me.

What’s your favourite smell and why?
My daughter’s bad breath in the morning, it’s so gross but I can’t help loving it.
Johnny: Garlic & onions frying. When you grow up with Mediterranean cuisine, that’s one of first things you smell when food’s on. It’s the ‘I’m hungry all of a sudden’ trigger.

Where’s the most enjoyable place in the world?
In the ocean.
Johnny: Summertime in Mykonos, Greece.

Who’s the funniest person you know and why?
Steve Shanahan, he makes my eyes water. A very dark wit, nasty’s not nasty if it’s funny.
Johnny: Tim Simons. You don’t know him. But you should.

What’s more important to you, getting it right or making mistakes?

Half the time you have to make some mistakes to get to right.
Johnny: What Tone said ^

How do you stay happy?

I try to remember that one day I­’ll be 70, and I’ll look back and wonder what was I worried about.
Johnny: Reassess the important things in life.

If you could collaborate with anyone in the world who would it be?

Ben Burt (Star Wars Sound designer).
Johnny: Jon Hopkins or Moderat.

Tell me one book, movie, blog, recipe, holiday destination or anything that could change my life?
Any books about Buddhism, get some compassion going on.
Johnny: Staring down at a massive ‘condor’ geolyph from Wayna Pichu (the nose of Machu Pichu). That view, together with the surrounding mountains and valleys will realign a few things in your life.

What’s your definition of happiness?
Being with family.
Johnny: Family, good food and wine!

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