Becc and Maddie
Designers / Makers

WOAH! Introducing our first tag team; the wonderful Maddock sisters. They’re currently blowing up the creative scene in Melbourne captivating and charming anyone and everyone caught in their magnetic whirlwind of smiles and creativity. And if that’s not enough, they’re also best friends. So have a read and get lost in their adventures.

Describe your self in one word.
Becc: Spontaneous
Maddie: Sloppy

Tell us a bit about your day job?
Becc: By day I work as a graphic designer for Seesaw – working on concept development, brand generation and generally enjoying the art and craft of design. By night I co-create installations with my younger sister Maddie. We own a small artistic business called Studio Twocan. It’s the perfect balance between art and design.
Maddie: With a background in sculpture, my days are generally quite hands on, working on art production and my cement ceramics.

What’s your earliest memory?
Becc: Golly gosh I have a terrible memory. I like to think my earliest memory is presenting M U M cut toast to my mum in bed on mothers day. But hey if I could spell mum I mustn’t have been that young.
Maddie: My earliest memory is from when I was 2. I remember lying in my parents bed. The sun light that snuck around the closed curtains made all the dust particles visible. I remember playing with these particles and watching them swirl around my hands.

What type of Kid were you?
Becc: I was quite a shy young thing, but a wonderful teacher in year 3 encourage me to be more involve in general classroom chit chat and I blossomed.
Maddie: A self aware sheep. I remember being terribly distressed by the way my bully friend treated other kids but I never did anything to stop her.

What posters did you have on your walls?
Becc: Unfortunately I wasn’t much of a poster kid, we moved a lot and mum never liked us sticking things on the wall.
Maddie: What she said, although we were allowed to stick things on the backs of timber doors and windows. Mainly photos I think.

Did or do you get into trouble for daydreaming?
Becc: Not sure if ruminating and day dreaming fall into the same category. I live inside my head and sometimes blank out when people are talking to me… not something I’m proud of.
Maddie: No one ever catches me day dreaming as I do it when I’m alone but yes, it does cause me trouble. From day dreaming, I have unrealistic expectations of how my life should be.

Did you have a hero growing up?
Becc: I aspired to be a comedian like Jimeoin. I mastered his walking down the stair case routine.
Maddie: Becc…what she didn’t write me!?

How do you relax?
Becc: I love meditation and long walks listening to pod casts.
Maddie: Walking, swimming in the ocean and going to my parents house and watching television. Oh and having a few drinks with old friends.

What’s your favourite smell and why?
Becc: Petrol…that might come across the wrong way.
Maddie: Skin… it’s an intimate smell.

Where’s the most enjoyable place in the world?
Becc: The Dia:Beacon Gallery in upstate New York.
Maddie: In bed

Who’s the funniest person you know and why?
Becc: I generally think my friends are hilarious when we’re all in a group and bouncing off one another.
Maddie: Do dogs count? My dad’s dogs. They’ve adopted the strangest ticks and personality disorders living in his house

What’s more important to you, getting it right or making mistakes?
Becc: A little from column A and a little from column B. I’m generally learning to be more gracious when I make mistakes and learning that experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.
Maddie: By nature, I like making mistakes

How do you stay happy?
Becc: A balanced lifestyle, recognising when your feeling low and doing the things you love to make you feel happy – like meditation and podcast walks.
Maddie: Listening to R.Kelly’s ‘World’s Greatest’

If you could collaborate with anyone in the world who would it be?
Becc: It would be amazing to collaborate with the likes of Anish Kapoor or James Turrel. Their use of light and colour is truly inspiring.
Maddie: Someone with finances.

Tell me one book, movie, blog, recipe, holiday destination or anything that could change my life?
Becc: I love the delicious and nutritious recipes in Plenty More, by Yotam Ottolenghi.
Maddie: Wilsons Prom, or just drive an hour out of the city and you’ll find something that changes your life. Go Bush.

What’s your definition of happiness?
Becc: Living in the now.
Maddie: The Spanish proverb “Vivir con miedo es como vivir a medias,” translated to “To live in fear is a life half lived”

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