Joao Peres

Today I’ve been lucky enough to pin down one of the happiest dudes in the world. Meet Joao — he’s a freak and also an incredibly talented designer / illustrator / animator / joker. In fact, if we were looking to hire at TEC he’d be El Presidente. Don’t believe me, have a read and soak up the vibes:

Describe your self in one word:

Tell us a bit about your day job?
I work as an designer at Apple Inc. in California, USA

What’s your earliest memory?
The day my parents brought my new born baby brother home from the hospital. I was probably about 5.

What type of Kid were you?
I was such a air head. Total dreamer child. My mind was always somewhere else. And even though I had a bunch of friends, I had no problem playing on my own. I could go hours drawing, building lego, riding my bike or hanging at the beach.

What posters did you have on your walls?
I was into watching cartoons for the longest time, probably too long haha. So I think the majority of my posters were from shows I was into at the time. The Ninja Turtles, Simpsons, Thundercats, SilverHawks, He-Man you name it.

Did or do you get into trouble for daydreaming?
Not so much anymore. But, as a kid, quite a lot. My dad would give me such a hard time for being always so distracted. Because with daydreaming came clumsiness. Knocking things off the counter or dropping things was a specialty of my young-self .

Did you have a hero growing up?
My family, like most south-american families, is pretty big and pretty tight. So my parents were and still are my biggest heroes. They taught me everything I needed to know and always supported me throughout my whole life.

How do you relax?
I’ve always had a really strong connection with the water. I guess growing up in Rio, and living in Australia for 10 years allowed me to spend a lot of time close to the ocean. So for me nothing beats going for a quick dip before or after work. Also, I’ve recently started scuba diving which took that relationship with the sea to a whole new level.

What’s your favourite smell and why?
I’ll have to say either the ocean or the rain.

Where’s the most enjoyable place in the world?

Who’s the funniest person you know and why?
My dad, without a doubt. He was out of control. Always the center of the attention in any social gatherings and one of the most friendly persons I’ve ever met. He was able to connect with most people and have them rolling on the floor laughing within minutes.

What’s more important to you, getting it right or making mistakes?
The right answer here would be making mistakes. But I don’t really like to make mistakes to be honest. I’ve always been really hard on myself, and have always done my best to nail everything I set my mind to. But of course, that’s impossible. And you do learn a lot, if not more, when you get something wrong. I’ve also found that working and collaborating with other people helps to take that ‘must get it right’ pressure off and makes whatever you’re doing way more rewarding.

How do you stay happy?
I learned this one from my mum. She would always say that life isn’t about one giant continuous eternal happiness. But, it’s about finding small pieces of happiness in your everyday. I’ve really held onto that. And I’ve found that’s made all the difference in my life.

If you could collaborate with anyone in the world who would it be?
Quentin Tarantino.

Tell me one book, movie, blog, recipe, holiday destination or anything that could change my life?
Diving is definitely a life changing experience to me. You could dive in the same spot for 20 years and everyday it would be a completely different experience. Life runs at a different pace down there. It helps to remind me that there’s a whole bunch of amazing things out there, waiting to be discovered, and yet sometimes we get so caught up and lost in our everyday routines.

What’s your definition of happiness?
To not get caught in the fuss of my routine, to be able to cut through all of the clutter and enjoy the little things that make life worth it. That being my bike ride to work in the morning, a cup of coffee or spending time with people that I love.

Thanks for your time.

The Enjoyable Collective