La Lupita

Guerilla Takeover

The Basement is one of Sydney’s most iconic music venues. It’s an institution, the kind of place you’d catch Dizzy Gillespie or Herbie Hancock play at the height of their fame. 40 years later, we found ourselves tasked with a rather spicy Sydney branding project that introduces La Lupita, a pop-up Mexican restaurant and one of Sydney’s best-kept secrets, to The Basement.

We had to give La Lupita the chance to be heard over the music and the pantheon of greats that adorn the crammed walls. In true Interbrand style, we wanted to take this to the next level, and agreed that the spirit of La Lupita should be rebellious, fiery and passionate. For that reason, it became more than a pop-up. It became a takeover!

With a pirate mentality, we began claiming areas of The Basement, repurposing materials and smashing styles together. From re-using shipping palettes and abandoned milk crates, to creating menu boards from broken walls, it took two days to bring the space to life; an epic mission of paint fumes, sweat and mescal! Inside, we created bold, vibrant statements by collaborating with some of Sydney’s finest underground artists; Beastman, Numskull and Aisle6ix.