Brand Identity / User Experience / Activation / Animation

We’re usually asked to design brands for products that have already been developed. But when we’re brought in early, something amazing can happen – the product and brand can grow together. The result is a stronger product, a stronger brand, and a seamless experience for customers.


SKY has led New Zealand’s TV industry for over two decades. But the rapid rise of digital has unearthed a new threat to television companies worldwide: video-streaming and illegal downloading services.

For SKY, the solution was simple – they’d create a video-streaming service of their own. What wasn’t as simple was figuring out how it would look, sound, and most importantly, work. So when they came to us we knew they needed more than a name and a logo. They needed a brand that would shape their service’s development, bring it to life, and convince Kiwis that they – a traditional TV network – could compete in an innovative, digital environment.