Street Art and Beyond

Introducing Numskull AKA Elliott — one of Australia’s finest street artists. His work is best described as a joyous mash-up of language, typography, pattern and colour, is usually oversized and just as big in personality. And surprisingly, for such a talented guy, he’s super humble too. In a nutshell; Elliot’s positive vibes translate from can to canvas in what can only be described as a joyous assault on the mundane.

Describe your self in one word.

Tell us a bit about your day job?
I wouldn’t really consider it a day job. More a 24 hour self service centre. I quit my day job, which was design and development in advertising, around 6 years ago. I now make art, paint murals and collaborate with others to create forward thinking projects.

What’s your earliest memory?
Kindergarten. I went to a Monterssori school, where their method of teaching is very open and expressive. I can remember sitting around in a circle chatting with other kids. I believe that had a really great effect on my early development.

What type of Kid were you?
I was always pretty shy and quiet around most people, but when I was comfortable I would be the goofy, silly kid. Always happy, always up to something.

What posters did you have on your walls?
As far as I remember, I had some cartoon images, but mostly basketball. I have two brothers and we were all heavy into basketball at the time like a lot of other kids in the mid 90s. Post that era, it was skateboarding posters. That didn’t stop for a long, long time…

Did or do you get into trouble for daydreaming?
Yes. All the time.

Did you have a hero growing up?
I looked up to my two brothers. They were and still are my biggest influences.

How do you relax?
It’s hard. I can’t. I always have to be doing something. Plus I have a two year old son, so there’s always something going on.

What’s your favourite smell and why?
Some flowers, like frangipani. Purely because they remind me of my child hood and suburbia in general. I grew up on the north shore, near the Ku Ring Gai National Park so a lot of smells from nature trigger great memories for me. Fresh cut grass, stink bugs etc.

Where’s the most enjoyable place in the world?
I have a heap of them, but most recently was an island off the coast of Fiji called Waya Island. Hanging out and swimming in the ocean with my son and wife is the most enjoyable thing I can think of. The people on that island were so incredibly kind and happy. I swear Fijians know something about life that we don’t.

Who’s the funniest person you know and why?
I have a friend of mine. His name is Paul Tooth. Wicked designer and super weird/creative person. I reckon i’ve spent more time laughing with him throughout my life then anyone else I know.

What’s more important to you, getting it right or making mistakes?
Both are equal. You can’t have one without the other.

How do you stay happy?
Stay away from negative people. Surround myself with positive, happy people.

If you could collaborate with anyone in the world who would it be?
My son. I’m going to make that happen one day soon.

Tell me one book, movie, blog, recipe, holiday destination or anything that could change my life?
Africa. Not the fake, touristy, game park version either. Living with real people, in a real environment. I learnt a lot when I visited Zimbabwe a while back.

What’s your definition of happiness?
Doing what you love.

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